Obama’s Pastor Writes In To The New York Times


Barack Obama and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Combined, they’re the story that just won’t go away. Even as a blog dedicated strictly to the New York media beat, the subject just keeps coming up. We wrote on Monday about Kelefa Sanneh‘s New Yorker piece on the subject.

Now, something new.

Late yesterday afternoon, Time published a March 11, 2007 letter Rev. Wright sent to Jodi Kantor of the New York Times, regarding a 600 word article that ran on March 6, 2007.

The Rev. Wright was upset that little from his two-hour interview made it into the 600 word article.

In the letter, he says Kantor “looked me straight in my face and told me a lie.” Rev. Wright also accused the New York Times of “duplicitous behavior,” of sensationalism, of being the “Republican Party’s national blog” and of a lack of integrity.

For good measure, the 1074 word letter also mentions or alludes to Kantor being Jewish no further than three times.

Read it.