Obama’s Pastor Dings the Media


President Obama‘s pastor at St. John’s Church took an opportunity on Easter Sunday to bash the media. Did the devil get inside his head?

NYT‘s Mark Landler wrote in a White House Pool Report:

“Referring to the messy state of the world, [Rev. Luis León] said, ‘Sometimes I wish I didn’t read the newspapers or watch the television news.’ Rev. Leon went on to dwell on the mystery of Easter and the resurrection, likening it to the global economy, which he also said he did not understand. ‘You ruin it if you try to explain it,’ he said. ‘It can’t be explained.'”

The pastor may want to work on consistency. After ripping on the media, León went on to give the NYT a shout-out.

“But Rev. Leon cited an article in the NY Times, which talked about the renaissance of Mogadishu in Somalia. He said he viewed it as a metaphor for the rebirth of Easter. ‘Now you may say, ‘they’re all Muslim,’ he said, his voice rising a bit. ‘But so what? That is evidence of the resurrection.’ During the Prayers of the People, as is customary, the congregation offered a prayer for ‘Barack, our President, the leaders of Congress, and the Supreme Court, and all who are in positions of authority.'”

What, no prayers for the media?

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