Obamacare Provider’s $1.2M Effort Focuses on Social and Local Ads

Health Republic of New York unleashes promotional blitz

The federal government may be shut down for the time being, but insurance providers planning to utilize Affordable Care Act (ACA) marketplaces aren't waiting to promote what they offer. For instance, Health Republic Insurance of New York has launched a $1.2 million campaign that includes targeted Facebook and Twitter promos going live today.

The digital ads support local television, radio and newspaper promos that have rolled out in recent days. The ACA, otherwise known as Obamacare, opened up for enrollment this morning, though gridlock in Washington, D.C., could stop implementation if Congress decides to delay the law or repeal it.

Health Republic Insurance's ads are already blanketing New York State, including animated spots on local TV premiering on Thursday and online videos going live throughout October. The copy reads, "I WILL ____. Healthcare reform is coming. (It's time to make great things happen.)" In other words, the ads invite people to check a box if they are on board with healthcare reform.

The campaign will cover 32 of the Empire State's 62 counties—from New York City to the western region of the state. The ads will run through the end of the quarter, when the brand's team will analyze results that will determine promotions for early 2014. Open enrollment for ACA coverage next year ends on March 31.

"Our [initiative] reflects our member-oriented business model and epitomizes what is at the heart of this reform," Debra Friedman, president of Health Republic Insurance of New York, told Adweek.

Health Republic Insurance of New York is a co-op-styled healthcare provider that was launched to provide ACA-based coverage. There are similarly named providers in Oregon and New Jersey, but, per a Health Republic Insurance of New York spokesperson, those organizations are not part of the same company.

Brooklyn, N.Y.-based startup agency White Lightning + Judge's Son helped create the "I WILL" campaign.

Meanwhile, expect proponents and opponents alike to wage an unusually heated media battle in the coming days about the ACA's worth to American consumers. Per a recent New York Times article, groups have anticipated this day for weeks by ramping up efforts considerably to foster favorable populist sentiment.