Obama Win Takes Newspapers By Surprise

0104post.jpgBig morning for media news. Barack Obama won a historic and unexpected victory in the Iowa caucus and Mike Huckabee delivered a crushing blow to the campaigns of both Mitt Romeny and Rudy Giuliani.

Both Joe Biden and Chris Dodd have announced that they’re dropping out of the presidential race.

Last but not least, the morning papers have the entertaining (and depressing) diversion of Britney Spears‘ mental illness-fueled standoff with LA cops outside her house. The troubled pop star is currently a patient at Cedars-Sinai under a “5150 hold” — which is used to treat those who “are a danger to themselves or others.”

Of all the coverage, we’re pretty sure the Post‘s photoshopped cover (pictured) is our favorite. It’s no “Axis of Weasel,” but it’ll do.