President Obama Has His Twitter And Facebook Links Hacked

President Obama’s link shortener service was hijacked by a Syrian hacker squad Monday night. The hack caused President Obama’s Twitter and Facebook pages to redirect links originally meant for Obama’s website to instead point to a Syrian revolutionary propaganda video. The video highlights the Syrian Electronic Army, a group supporting the Assad regime in Syria.

The hackers claimed to have access to a multitude of the campaign’s email accounts. The group posted a series of screenshots demonstrating the hack, including shots of the backend of the Obama campaign website. They were also able to gain access to a campaign-related Gmail account, and posted a clip of the hacked Gmail account’s inbox.

Organizing for Action, the group responsible for President Obama’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, told TIME that “An account to our link shortener was hacked.” Fortunately for Obama’s team, it is clear that the actual Twitter and Facebook accounts were not hacked – it was only the link shortener.

This isn’t the first hacking attack by the Syrian Electronic Army. In April, the group hijacked the Associated Press and posted a fake story about the White House under attack and Obama being injured. There were a few moments of panic and even the stock market went into a quick dive before recovering over the news. The group also attacked the Financial Post and other popular websites.

(Hacker image via Shutterstock)