Obama PR: Interviews Over Press Conferences

The New York Times looks into the Obama administration’s communications strategy in a story today, notably that the president prefers interviews as opposed to press conferences.

“…he [Obama] has fundamentally altered the way a president deals with the news media,” writes the Times Peter Baker. “Instead of open-ended sessions with multiple reporters, he prefers one-on-one interviews, particularly with television anchors. He gives far more interviews than his two most recent predecessors did, reflecting the conclusion that the format is a more effective means for getting his message through.”

The story notes – as others in the media have as well – that while Obama has given far more interviews than his predecessors, he is less likely to hold press conferences or take questions at public events called “pool sprays” by those in the communications world.

“We have done press conferences and we will do them again,” White House Communications director Dan Pfeiffer told the Times, however, he added, “you want to do these things when you have something to communicate, something to say, not just be a pinata for the press corps.”

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