Obama on YouTube; FutureWorks CEO: “Treat us like customers”

There is a lot of talk about how much of a role social media and new technology played in Barack Obama’s victory. It’s clear it had some impact but that it worked so well because of the soundness of the campaign’s overall message and the Country’s willingness to accept it.

Now that the campaign is done, we can see an exciting shift in communications happening already. The President-Elect took the simple step of putting of putting his first address on YouTube this weekend.

With nearly 750,000 views already, it’s clear people crave this type of open communication.

Brian Solis, CEO of FutureWorks and PR 2.0 blogger Brian Solis does the extrapolating for us on TechCrunch, and gives a laundry list of things the Administration could do with these new tools of two-way discussion including Twitter, Scribd, uStream.tv, and Magnify.net.