Obama May Have Celebrity Backers, But Romney Has…A Squirrel?

With the presidential election looming ever closer, campaign ads, debate analysis, poll numbers, and speculation as to who’s really on top continue to cascade into our living rooms, offices, and social gatherings via every media outlet imaginable. How does anyone really know which candidate has the upper hand? Well, Stephen Colbert thinks he’s got the answer, and it comes in the form of a fuzzy, gray rodent.

Sure, so many A-list celebrities have come out in support of President Obama that his list of endorsements is beginning to look like “an episode of Dancing with the Stars…with [actual] stars”, as Colbert so aptly put it. But Romney has the endorsement of a bonafide prophet (albeit a nut-gathering, tail-twitching prophet).

A squirrel in South Carolina correctly “predicted” the winner of the 2008 election by choosing to eat nuts out of a bowl featuring a picture of Obama, rather than McCain. This year, the hungry little critter preferred Romney nuts, putting to rest any and all speculation that Obama may win a second term in the Oval Office.

As Colbert says, “Folks, get used to the term ‘President Romney.’ Mmmm, oh, that leaves a real taste in your mouth. What is that, I think it’s…Romney nuts.”