Obama Joins Instagram

We recently covered Instagram as it was announced to be Apple’s App of the Year, and since then it seems that the buzz has picked up even more.  On Tuesday, Obama’s Presidential campaign joined the service to post photos from the road and behind the scenes as he campaigns across the country in support of his re-election this year.

Instagram, which was originally just an awesome series of photo filters that made your photos look professional, has done some pretty strong work in enabling social in its product.  It’s practically a case study in how social features can be used to take one good idea and turn it into a platform.  Nowadays, your Instagram photos are easily uploaded to your own personal profile, as well as whatever social networks you choose.  For the Obama campaign, you can check out his photo stream over at his “Webstagram”, which is what they call the stream.

In just one day, his stream has gained 16,000 followers, and while that isn’t a huge number, those are likely Instagram power users who will certainly identify with the fact that he’s there on their remote network, sharing photos.  His second photo, which is a backstage shot of him doing a press conference, has 600 likes and 104 comments, most of them supportive, but some of them critical.

Will we see more politicians joining the Instagram network?  Or are these numbers too small?