Obama Infomercial Brings in 33.5 Million Viewers

Nielsen is out with the full ratings from last night’s infomercial by Sen. Barack Obama.

Obama’s campaign purchased a half hour of prime time television on CBS, FOX, NBC, Univision, BET, MSNBC, and TV One and, in total, 33,553,000 tuned in to watch the commercial on those seven networks.

In the “Persons 2+” category, NBC reeled in the most viewers, followed by CBS, Fox, MSNBC, Univision, BET and TV One.

By way of comparision:

The first debate between Sens. McCain and Obama on September 26: 52.4 million viewers.

The second debate between McCain and Obama: 63.2 million viewers.

The final debate between Sens. McCain and Obama on Oct. 15: 56.5 million viewers.