Obama Increases Outreach to African Americans

Photo: Getty Images

With the midterm elections just weeks away, President Barack Obama has stepped up his outreach to African-American voters Politico reports.

The message President Obama is bringing to places like Philadelphia and Maryland relies on the continued need for change for the African-American community, and the importance of voting next month even if he’s not on the ballot.

“We had 10 years of policies that did not help the African-American community, did not help the American economy and led to this disaster,” the President said on Sirius XM radio last month. “Nobody’s been more damaged than the African-American community by that. We’ve got to make sure that we turn out to vote.”

Besides in-person appearances in locations that target Black voters, the President has taken his outreach to Black radio programs where he focuses on issues of importance to the African-American community, such as healthcare reform.

“We haven’t heard from you in a while,” host Tom Joyner said when President Obama was his guest last month.

More than his own appeals to the crowd, President Obama has asked his supporters to spread the word themselves at “your beauty shops and your barber shops.” But the article questions whether his appeal among African-American voters will transfer to other candidates.

The New York Observer also reported on the four stops that President Obama made in Philadelphia, noting that in addition to reaching out to African Americans, he spoke to a more diverse group, focusing on class and the economic needs of working-class voters.

[Image via New York Observer.]