Where Do the Obama Girls Post Their Selfies?

A selfie of Malia Obama appeared on the Internet this morning. But what's really scandalous is the thought that the Obama girls don't use social media.

malia-sasha-obama-2013 600x475
Calling all gossip fiends: A selfie of Malia Obama has made it onto the Internet. As Gawker puts it, it’s almost like a Scandal plotline, except that she’s just posing fully clothed in front of her webcam (which means it’s not really a selfie, right?).

The fact that it isn’t already trending is a good sign: Is it really her? Does anyone care? And, is it newsworthy?

It hasn’t happened yet, so there’s still hope. What is newsworthy is that the Obama daughters are the first First Children who are digital natives and don’t have any social media presence. We know they have personalities (and now we know Malia’s into Pro Era), but we don’t get much else.

While America’s never been privy to the First Family’s children, it’s starting to feel odd. Everyone is on social media: It’s how we communicate, it’s part of our collective culture. Which is why it’s odd to think these girls might not even have secret Snapchat accounts with their friends because of security issues. Can they Instagram each other at least? Where are they posting those inauguration pics? No wonder they’re rolling their eyes.

It also makes a perfectly harmless photo like this one seem interesting. Isn’t every teenager taking a picture of themselves, somewhere? Why shouldn’t Malia? The more you keep them out of the ever-growing limelight, the stranger it seems when they appear online, unprimped, and in a white T-shirt. No need for Olivia Pope, just upgraded security on their personal computers.