Obama on Foursquare

The White House checks in

Where in the world is President Barack Obama? Just ask Foursquare. The White House blog announced that the president is now on the location-based social networking site.

The president’s latest social media initiative comes just as he is about to embark on a bus tour of the Midwest to discuss economic policy. "You can follow the president on the road through Cannon Falls, Minnesota; Decorah and Peosta, Iowa; and Atkinson and Alpha, Illinois," the post says. "Through the new White House page on Foursquare, you can keep up with the president's tour and check-in to let your friends know you're there."

Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign was marked by the then congressman’s enthusiasm for engaging with young people, using their forms of communication to do so. TechCrunch offers that perhaps this latest attempt to connect with the country’s tech-savvy younger citizens could be the work of Harper Reed, Obama’s former campaign chief technology officer. TechCrunch also noted that though Obama’s Foursquare presence is up and running, it isn’t the easiest to track down. "[I]t seems like you need to follow the president through his page to actually find him—searching for 'Barack Obama' on the mobile app got me a guy in Salt Lake City, Utah, and a Barack Obama in London," TechCrunch’s Alexia Tsotsis writes.