Obama Diet Secret Revealed: Pie. Lots of Pie.

First Lady Michelle Obama is making the obligatory holiday rounds these days. Last night, she dropped by the Children’s National Medical Center to read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas to patients there. Oh. She also brought Bo, the First Family’s dog and Santa Claus. After she wrapped up her book, she decided to let the kids ask questions. If we may give FLOTUS the advice of the late W.C. Fields, “never work with children or animals.”  FLOTUS used BOTH last night. The children were all anxious to share in the holiday spirit. One child asked her what she ate on Christmas. FLOTUS replied, “sometimes we have turkey, sometimes we have steak.” Ah, yes. The holidays aren’t the same without the Christmas sirloins. And what about dessert? FLOTUS takes another question from Amie Parnes another young child about that and says “We have pie.  Lots of pie.  The President loves pie.  (Laughter.) All kinds of pie.  Okay?” Sure. The First Family loves pie. But not as much as this guy.