Obama Calls Ellen’s Selfie ‘A Pretty Cheap Stunt’

Say what you will about President Obama: dude knows how to score pop culture headlines.

He continued his video tour of the nation’s top pop outlets yesterday with a remote appearance on The Ellen Show in which he took the time to make what could not have possibly been a prepared joke about the selfie that rocked the Internet:

Like the “Between Two Ferns” appearance (which was most definitely “a stunt”), this one will attract plenty of criticism. But it’s still a very wise messaging move.

Did Obama again appear before a friendly crowd to promote his health care law? Duh. For better or worse, he decided some time ago that he has more to gain by talking to Ellen than to (almost) any pundit with a prime time soapbox. Don’t like it? This is politics in the present day because, as Obama says in the second half of the interview, the minutiae of government “doesn’t make for very good television”—unless we’re talking Parks and Recreation.

Remember when George W. Bush appeared on Deal or No Deal? OK. Now skip ahead to 3:15 in this clip to hear the current President talk Scandal, House of Cards, and dancing in the Situation Room (or lack thereof).

[H/T Hypervocal]