Obama Offers John Hancock to Auto Worker

From the Dept. of Bragiculture…While campaigning in Toledo, Ohio on Monday, President Obama offered to sign a copy of a voter’s newspaper. The story Obama had his eye on was a front-page feature on a Toledo man who credits having a job to the President’s auto bailout plan.

Obama had made a campaign stop at a Rick’s City Diner in West Toledo to meet with three auto workers. One worker, James Fayson, was drafted by the Obama campaign last year to appear in a campaign video touting the plan. Obama offered Fayson a signed copy of the June 3, 2011 edition of The Toledo Blade. The front-page story featured Fayson, explained Blade reporter Jon Chavez. “‘James the Jeep Worker’ to be face of campaign” can be read here.

News of the autograph proposal surfaced in both a White House Pool Report and The Blade‘s own writeup of the event.

How the pool report put it: “Mr. Fayson had a copy of the Toledo Blade with him. POTUS picked it up, looked and the front page and remarked on a story (pool couldn’t see what) then said he should autograph it.” How The Blade put it: “Mr. Fayson had a copy of the The Blade with him. The President picked it up, looked at the front page, and remarked on a story. He also said that he should autograph it.”

Chavez told us he believes Fayson wanted the autograph. Fayson, meanwhile, did not return request for comment.

The Obama campaign video featuring Fayson has not been released but it may run during the Democratic National Convention tomorrow. A video on the effect of the auto bailout with “remarks from an Ohio auto worker” is scheduled to run in prime time Wednesday from the convention, according to The Detroit News.