Obama and Romney Facebook stores and donation apps tied for users, but Obama 2012 app beats ‘Commit to Mitt’

An AppData analysis of Facebook app usage shows Barack Obama’s and Mitt Romney’s Facebook stores and donation apps have equal reach this month, but more people are using the Obama 2012 app than “Commit to Mitt” and similar apps on Romney’s page.

Both candidates have used Facebook extensively over the course of the campaign. Romney’s camp seemed more adept at running Facebook ads, as we’ve written about previously, but Obama’s team is now showing its strength in apps. The Obama 2012 app has taken advantage of the notifications beta to remind users to vote and contact friends in swing states. The app, which is accessible from Facebook and BarackObama.com, has 1.1 million monthly active users.

A similar app for Mitt Romney called Commit to Mitt has only 30,000 MAU. However, Romney’s page also features a Stand With Mitt app with 40,000 MAU and a Stand With Mitt Photo Upload app with 2,000 MAU. There may be some overlap in users of those three apps, but even if the totals were discrete, that’s still more than 1 million fewer monthly active users than Obama’s app has.

The candidates’ store and donate apps are tied for usage. The stores have 20,000 MAU each, and the donation apps each have 10,000 MAU.

Obama’s page has a email collection form with 4,000 MAU. There is no equivalent app on Romney’s page.

Romney has four other apps on his page that Obama doesn’t have. One is a pledge of support for American small businesses with 10,000 MAU. A petition app against Obama’s economic policies has 2,000 MAU, and a petition app against Obama’s heathcare policy has 1,000 MAU. Finally, there’s an app called “What’s Your Take” that asks users about issues, which has 900 monthly active users. Again, there may be overlap in users here, but even if there wasn’t, the totals are still less than the 1.1 million Obama has with his main app.