Obama and Biden’s Early Architecture Dreams and What That Might Mean

As if this writer needed any more reason to look forward to the upcoming Presidential administration, we just learned a little bit more about Barack Obama and Joe Biden from the Tribune‘s Blair Kamin: they both wanted to be architects if they hadn’t gotten into politics. Sure, that doesn’t mean so much, as people say a lot of things about their career plans, particularly when they’re children, like where Obama’s architecture dreams stemmed (this writer is personally still waiting for his invitation to become an astronaut and/or flying dinosaur). But because of this “we like architecture” pair moving into power soon, Kamin speculates on a couple of things:

Does the Obama-Biden passion for architecture mean that they’re going to run the most architect-friendly administration in history? That they’ll invite Frank Gehry to the White House for dinner? Maybe. But it’s an even better bet that, during the next four years, the awards dinner for the Pritzker Architecture Prize, which is awarded annually to one of the world’s top architects, will be held at the White House.