Obama Banned from Facebook?

There’s always some disparity between the plan of action laid out by a presidential candidate and what can actually be done once they get into the White House. And two days after being sworn in, President Obama is already faced with a few challenges regarding his plan to keep an open and transparent communication plane between his administration and the people.

According to PC World, Obama’s team has already been required to use Gmail accounts while waiting for their White House emails to be activated. And Obama’s team may also have more trouble utilizing online social networks than previously anticipated. Facebook is no longer an option for the team, nor is logging into outside email accounts or using instant messenger clients. What’s that mean for some of the other media-sharing services, like MySpace, Flickr and YouTube, Obama’s team has been using to send out information to large amounts of people?

We already knew of some possible setbacks regarding government use of online social networking. Some federal regulations demanding internal records being kept for all online activity limit the type of social networking sites and actions that can be used on the Web. More specifically, such federal regulations have a negative affect on Facebook usage though other services like Twitter are pretty much in the clear.

But where does that leave the people? PC World goes on to hint that the lack of readiness for Obama’s administration to use their White House email and have all the other necessary tools needed to update online content could be directly correlated to the apparent aversion for updating the newly reformed White House blog. It hasn’t been updated since Tuesday and has yet to live up to the standards set forth by Obama’s own website which is full of content and encourages engaged, two-way communication with the people.

Hopefully all of the technological issues can be resolved regarding the use of online social networking. But considering the other factions of the U.S. government that have a say in the matter or are looking for ways to use online services, there are widespread implications to any changes Obama’s administration is able to make internally.

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