Obama Administration Is Asking Americans To “Tweet For Jobs”

In an effort to get as much public support for his jobs bill as possible, President Obama and his administration are asking Americans to take to Twitter to pressure Congress to act on the bill.

Using the “Tweet For Jobs” tool, Americans can tweet to their Republican legislators to try to convince them to support the flailing bill.

The tool itself is simple. Users enter their email address, physical address and zip code, and then are presented with the Republican legislator for their area (or the Republican speaker of the house, John Boehner, if they do not have a Republican representative).

Users can then choose from one of several pre-written tweets to send to that legislator, all of which include the hashtag #passthebill. Some examples:

“Will you stand with @BarackObama and vote to pass the American Jobs Act? #passthebill”

“I’m one of your constituents, and I’m urging you to pass the American Jobs Act now to strengthen our economy. #passthebill”

The app will then tweet from the user’s account, after he or she has given it permission.

The Obama administration has been known to embrace social media, albeit more so when it was only the Obama campaign running for office. Still, it is doing all that it can to encourage the American people to take an interest in this nearly $500 billion jobs package, in the hopes that this will prod the Republicans into passing it in Congress.