Documentary Filmmaker Spent 5 Months in a Hospital Waiting Room

It’s absolutely fascinating to consider how local California media outlets sometimes come by their community news.

After some video about a documentary in progress was uploaded to San Francisco ABC-TV affiliate KGO via the station’s uReporter website gateway, they wrote this story about it. The Waiting Room, which comes with the succinct tagline “One Hospital. Hundreds of Stories,” is all about the experiences of local filmmaker Pete Nicks, who was allowed to park his cameras in the waiting room of Oakland’s Highland General Hospital for five months.

Explains hospital CEO Wright Lassiter, who has shown some of the resulting video at staff meetings:

“We have to work hard when we have a film crew coming into an environment where people do expect and demand privacy. But at the same time, I think, America is saying we want to know more about what’s going on in our very complex systems like our health care system.”

The documentary has more than a half-dozen high-profile funding partners, and is being made under the umbrella of Open Hood, a venture that seeks to leverage the power of social media for doc projects.