O.J.’s ‘Confession’ | Garbage Man Guilty Of Fashion Writer’s Murder | Drudge Report ‘Heartwarming’ | Post‘s ‘Pee’ | NBC Gets Blurry

  • Judith Regan: O.J. book represents a “confession” — one we’re not paying him for. [NYT | Drudge]
  • Another Exec Exit: At NBC. [NYT]
  • Post: Takes piss out of man who urinated on grave. [NYP via Gawker]
  • Reader’s Digest Deal A Shock: “They weren’t for sale.” [Folio:]
  • Ex-YES Network Boss: In the mix for Time Inc. titles. [NYP]
  • Drudge Report’s Success: “Heartwarming.” [Marketwatch]
  • Ex-CBS Radio Stringer: Ptretended he was ex-staffer to get speaking gigs at Duke, Ivy League. [Univ. of Georgia’s Red & Black]
  • NBC: Blurring lines — not blowing them. Yet. [BusinessWeek]
  • Garbage Man: Found guilty of fashion writer Christa Worthington‘s murder. [Boston Globe]