A Very Memorable Jon Stewart Introduction

It brought tears to the eyes of at least one NYU Journalism student.

JakeFlanaginQuartzQuartz reporter Jake Flanagin has shared a brief but wonderful memory for the week that is sinking in for all of us as The Daily Nooooo! It involves New York University and a fall 2010 journalism class that Flanagin very briefly sampled:

The professor stepped to the podium, walked us through the syllabus, gave a brief introduction to the course, then said we would begin the year with a presentation by some obscure Dutch expert on arcane printing practices. Jon Stewart walked out instead.

People, understandably, lost their minds a little. One girl cried. Don’t get me wrong — I was pretty excited too. I’ve never watched The Daily Show with any sort of regularity, but this was 2010. If you hadn’t watched a YouTube clip of Stewart verbally eviscerating some hapless Fox News talking head, you were living under a rock.

The only thing we can compare this to is the reaction of a lucky group of U2 cover band fans recently at The Cutting Room. Flanigin goes on to write that Stewart was “quick on his feet,” something that we can very much attest to having watched the man rise above the sleepy fray backstage at the Primetime Emmy Awards.