NYU To Welcome Its Class Of 2017 With A Nestivity-Hosted Tweetcast

When it comes to college orientation, gone are the days of packing lists scribbled on notebook paper and name games played sitting cross-legged in a circle.

Many universities have taken to social media as an effective communication tool with current students and prospectives alike.

An upcoming case in point: NYU is welcoming its class of 2017 with an hour-long Q&A Tweetcast this Sunday night, July 14 at 8 p.m. EST.

Incoming freshmen will be able to tweet questions to a panel of returning students and recent alumni about NYU and how to prepare for it. They can also pre-submit questions at the Tweetcast page.

Thanks to Nestivity’s hosting capabilities – read our detailed review of the new Nestivity Tweetcast – panelists will be able to participate via Google+ and moderators will guide the discussion using slides and graphics.

And Nestivity Tweetcasts organized around a live event, like this one, remain accessible as an ongoing discussion topic so students will be able to refer back to the conversation in the future.

The NYU Tweetcast is presented by @HashtagNYU, NYU’s Office of Interactive Media.

NYU does host hundreds of webinars for students every year, but it was missing a centralized place where students could ask and answer questions. Enter: Nestivity.

Thinking back to the chaos of relocating to a new city, meeting a brand new roommate, having to choose a course load and pick clubs and activities, all at the wide-eyed age of 18, I definitely would have appreciated an offering like this one. Then again, I didn’t even have a phone that texted until the end of high school.

Note that Nestivity 1.0 will be officially released out of beta mode next week.

Here’s the video ad @HashtagNYU released for the event:

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