NYT’s Steven Lee Myers Doesn’t Think Much Of Those Crazy Italian Reporters

From the reporter’s pool report from Italy (emphasis added):

    Subject: TRIP OF THE VICE PRESIDENT – POOL REPORT #1, 9/9/2008

    VP Pool Report No. 1, Sept. 9

    The pool departed the hotel on Via Veneto at 11:45 and traveled without the vice president’s motorcade to the office of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi on Piazza Colonna, dominated by the spiraling Column of Marcus Aurelius., which has stood of the spot since 193 AD.

    A few minutes before 1, the pool was escorted to a foyer upstairs, decorated with paintings of battle scenes, followed a few minutes later by a scrambling horde of Italian cameramen and photographers, who spent several minutes elbowing and jostling for position to see this:

    The vice president and Mr. Berlusconi emerged together from a door to the pool’s right and shook hands as thousands of pictures were taken. They spoke but their words were inaudible because of the din. The Italian press shouted like paparazzi and the prime minister dutifully obliged pleas to turn this way or that. They dropped hands, stood there and shooked hands again. This time Mr. Berlusconi, displaying an acute awareness of style before the cameras, leaned forward slightly and tugged at the vice president’s right cuff, pulling his blue shirt sleeve from inside his coat and straightening it neatly on his wrist. Then they waved and left.