NYT’s Goodman Leaving For HuffPo, Will Hire Economic Writers

Here’s a sign of the times. New York Times economics writer Peter Goodman has decided to leave the famed paper pages, for the Web.

goodman.jpgJoining Huffington Post, Goodman will come aboard as a business and technology writer “and will be hiring several reporters to expand the coverage,” reports Washington Post‘s Howard Kurtz. There’s no word on how many reporters Goodman will get to hire, but we will keep our eyes out for any postings.

As for Goodman, author of “Past Due: The End of Easy Money and the Renewal of the American Economy,” its a surprising move to jump to the Web. He had ten years experience at the Washington Post before moving to the NYT three years ago. But it appears he wanted to write with a stronger voice.

“For me it’s a chance to write with a point of view,” said Goodman to Kurtz. “It’s sort of the age of the columnist. With the dysfunctional political system, old conventional notions of fairness make it hard to tell readers directly what’s going on. This is a chance for me to explore solutions in my economic reporting.”

Goodman will have some company, once he joins as his wife, Deanna Fei, already blogs for HuffPo.