NYT’s Andrew Goldman Gets a Time Out

Last week we wrote about Margaret Sullivan, the new public editor of The New York Times, and her desire to facilitate a conversation with her audience through social media and a healthy blog presence.

Her style represents a big step forward from that of her predecessor, Arthur Brisbane—and one of the boldest moves she made over the past few weeks was admonishing “Talk” columnist Andrew Goldman for asking so many female interview subjects whether they’d ever used sex to advance their careers (to be fair, the final woman he asked was actress Tippi Hedren, whose sexual harassment at the hands of Alfred Hitchock is fairly well documented).

As our own Galleycat’s Jason Boog noted last week, Goldman found himself even more hot water after getting personal in response to critics on Twitter by following novelist Jennifer Weiner’s “which actress Andrew Goldman has accused of sleeping her way to the top” tweet with a blatant insult:

“sensing pattern. Little Freud in me thinks you would have liked at least to have had opportunity to sleep way to top.”

Yeah, that’s not very becoming.

Goldman then engaged in some rhetorical back-and-forth with other media personalities like New Yorker critic Emily Nussbaum (who happens to be awesome) but didn’t get too far. Hard to defend an insult like that one, isn’t it?

Now he’s really in the doghouse despite some profuse apologies. Times Magazine editor Hugo Lindgren put Goldman (who is a freelancer) out of commission for four weeks so he can…sit in the corner and think about what he did, we guess.

We can’t imagine this incident will hurt the reputation of the Times too much, but it is an interesting tale of incestuous, battling media personalities. For those who like that sort of thing.

@PatrickCoffee patrick.coffee@adweek.com Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.