NYTimes’ Healy Makes Plea To Hillary Campaign for Greater Press Access

The following pool report, obtained by FishbowlDC, was sent from the New York Times Patrick Healy to reporters covering the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton (emphasis added):

    According to the campaign, after the University of Iowa event, the Clintons met with a group of 60-70 people – some of whom attended the rally, and some of whom were invited to come meet with them. WJC spoke briefly introducing HRC, and then HRC took some questions, and then Tom Vilsack wrapped up by saying here’s-why-you-need-to-support-hillary.

    THEN the Clintons go into a smaller room with about 20-25 of these people and asked them to be county coordinators, etc. They did this last night after the fairgrounds event, and they are doing it after each of the events today. They also did this in Des Moines with about 300 people. The Clintons are hoping that these smaller-group exchanges will help seal the deal with Iowans and sign up county leaders.

    Please note: I asked the campaign if your pool reporter could attend these private events, at least the next one in Davenport. It was told no – that the Clinton political team had decided that these events should be private. I argued that these events were newsworthy events and that we were entitled to have a single pool reporter there, at the least, and also noted that our media organizations were expending significant resources to have reporters here – and that the press corps should not be restricted to only covering the same 6 rallies. I’m told the campaign would take my request and argument under advisement; it might help if other reporters and producers made similar requests.