NYTimes.com Switches to HTTPS

Nerds! Or, uh, thanks.

The New York Times is stepping up its online security game by transferring Nytimes.com from HTTP to HTTPS.

Here’s the Times’ explanation of how the latter is better than the former:

HTTPS encrypts the data sent between your computer and our servers, making it more difficult for a third party to monitor what you are doing. While HTTPS will not hide the fact that you are visiting NYTimes.com, it will significantly diminish the ability of a third party, such as your internet provider, to see which articles you are reading.

Another benefit of HTTPS is that it validates that your computer is communicating with the website you intended to reach, and that any data you receive has not been modified in-transit. When you see the padlock in your address bar, the browser has validated that you are getting authentic NYTimes.com content.