NYTBR Still Fixated On Updike, Lesbians

A smart review of the New York Times Book Review, via GalleyCat:

Timothy Leary may be gracing the cover of yesterday’s NYTBR, but the Review’s undying support of John Updike‘s legacy continues inside. One month after wedging him into the all-star lineup of late-20th century American fiction, one week after giving his latest novel a front-page review, the Review dips back into the well for a tribute to his bestsellerdom and the text of his BookExpo America lecture — which, in case you were wondering, the Times already covered in a June 5 article on digital publishing and its May 31 interview with Updike himself. Of course, just about anybody who was interested in Updike’s speech could have downloaded it from the BEA podcast series nearly a month ago, but if the Review wants to believe that publishing a month-old speech is newsworthy, whatevs.

In terms of GalleyCat’s headline, we’ll leave that Freudian flip alone.

NYTBR Still Fixated on Updike, Lesbians [GalleyCat]

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