NYT Staffer Hurls, Deletes F-Bomb at Jeb Bush

NYT says reporter's tweet was "completely inappropriate."

Remember this guy?

Jeb Bush hasn’t been as visible as, say, other more loquacious and follicly-challenged GOP candidates, but he’s still trucking along pushing to be your next president. When one is campaigning for such a prestigious position, it’s easy to presume that others may get a little terse with your policies and stances on certain issues.

That noted, journalists should still proceed with caution. That wasn’t the case for “writer/blogger/producer” Philip B. Richardson of The New York Times. Here’s what he had to say via Twitter to the former Floridian Governor (and if you have children, send them to watch Nick Jr. or something… this isn’t pretty):

Yeah, so much for journalistic impartiality. Darcy is deputy managing editor of The Blaze, and wanted to be sure we all knew Richardson wasn’t happy with Bush’s answer. Evidently, Bush played it down the middle and thanked Richardson for his participation in the political process:

So there’s that. Insert flappable apology in 3… 2… 1…

Any question about what happened to Richardson following this tweet? While “managers will take the necessary steps to deal with the situation,” as the NYT spox shared, do you think anything other than a slap on the wrist will take place?

Do you think he should be fired? Do you think it matters? Yes, it’s free speech but when you are a journalist, that speech comes with an ethical responsibility. In other words, he should have saved it for a private discussion instead of a public display.