‘NYT’ Site Up and Running After Error

Reporters used Twitter to redirect traffic

The New York Times site is running smoothly again after a 40-minute disruption last night. In the brief period, visitors to the site were met with a “page not found” error that encouraged readers to report the snafu to Times developers.

The Times staff has not yet provided an explanation for the hiccup but was quick to show readers how they could still access the site’s content while the homepage was down. A tweet from the Times’ main Twitter feed, @nytimes, told visitors, "NYT developers are fixing problems affecting our homepage. Thanks for your patience and enjoy individual articles recently tweeted." Other Times tweeters, like Amy O'Leary, showed people around the front end of the site. "Hey everybody, @nytimes skimmer's working great. Now's your chance to give it a try: http://t.co/1pCcpwR," she tweeted.

Things were patched up less than an hour after @nytimes posted its initial tweet reporting trouble. "The NYTimes homepage and section fronts appear to be back up and running, but tweet us if you experience any other problems. Thank you!" they tweeted.