NYT Says Brauchli’s Got It

At this point, it’s not really news anymore (Posties have been telling us (and Michael Calderone, too) that Brauchli was the likely candidate for a while).

BUT, it is the New York Times and all, so: The New York Times is calling Len Downie’s open seat for Marcus Brauchli.

The Washington Post will name Marcus W. Brauchli, a former top editor of The Wall Street Journal, as its executive editor, people briefed on the matter said, as a new publisher, Katharine Weymouth, puts her stamp on one of the nation’s great newspapers. …Mr. Brauchli became the managing editor of The Journal, which is the paper’s highest editorial position, in May 2007. It was taken over in December by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, and Mr. Murdoch and the publisher he installed, Robert Thomson, made an array of changes in the organization and content of The Journal. Mr. Brauchli resigned under pressure in April, and Mr. Thomson took his place.

The question will be: What other changes will take place? We’ve been hearing that the hiring of Brauchli isn’t the only change…that a few managing editors may be added as well (or an entirely different leadership structure may be put in place).

I wonder what David Ignatius thinks of this news?