NYT Revamps Star Compensation

The New York Times is reshuffling the way it rewards its top reporters. Bill Keller says the star system, which offers bonuses “journalists for who have eschewed the perks and bonuses of the management track to remain on the front lines of the newspaper’s journalism,” is being corrupted by, shock!, reporters who stay reporting. Evidently, there’s not enough money for new reporters to be so honored.

Thus, the Times will now only reporters to stay super-reporters for four years at which point they’ll either be reappointed or returned to the general population with a raise. The existing program members will be phased out over the next four years.

“There will be one other important change: in the past, eligibility for the program was limited to reporters, correspondents, columnists, critics and photographers. While they will remain the focus of the program, we will begin to consider others who also make distinctive contributions to Times journalism, as designers, graphic artists and copy editors. Later, we hope to extend the program to those who help produce our Digital content as well,” Keller wrote in the memo.

Anyone know who the current “senior reporters” are?