‘NYT’ Publishes Suggested OWS Logos

An Occupy Wall Street logo suggestion from Ji Lee

The New York Times has proposed a few logos for the Occupy Wall Street protest, with our favorite of the bunch posted above. You can check out the others here, and chime in with your thoughts.

In the latest, Mayor Bloomberg says that the protesters can stay put indefinitely as long as they don’t break any laws; protests have been taking place in other U.S. cities; and the OWS protesters are taking their protest uptown to the homes of wealthy New Yorkers like JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon and billionaire David Koch.

Also, where the protest was lacking in a cohesive message and goal, The New Yorker has a post on its blog that gives an overview of who the protesters are (median age is 26, for example) and what might be motivating them. As the protest continues to gather steam and conservative politicians lambaste the effort, we’re beginning to see how this anger will impact the political discussion for the coming weeks (and months, if the protesters can stand the cold).