NYT, NYP Jump in Bed Together. Literally

Our sister blog FishbowlLA sent Dan Cox on special assignment to cover the Sun Valley Media Conference. He’s been killing the assignment, scouring the streets and the bars for juicy gossip (Jordan’s King Abdullah II is the secret guest speaker), but our favorite tidbit involves the New York Post, The New York Times and a shared hotel room.

We’ll let Cox explain:

In the strange bedfellows department, the New York Times and the New York Post, always bitter enemies in the news arena, ended up splitting the cost of a Sun Valley Lodge suite for Times reporter Tim Arango and his girlfriend, Post photographer Victoria Will. The couple, who ironically met at Sun Valley four years ago, have been dating ever since.

Before heading to the NYT, Arango worked as a reporter at the Post. (He had a stint at Fortune between the papers.)

More of Cox’s coverage is here.