NYT Learns Difference Between Pimping, Pumping — Oh, and David Remnick’s Book Is Coming Soon

The New York Times‘ Arts Beat blog hit some hairy waters this afternoon when reporting on New Yorker editor David Remnick’s forthcoming book on Barack Obama. After apparently misunderstanding Remnick in an interview for the article, the Times posted the following ridiculous correction:

An earlier version of this post misquoted Mr. Remnick on his comparison between the book and a New Yorker article he had previously written. He said the book would not be a “pumped up” version of the article; he did not say that it would not be a “pimped out” version of the article.

Whoops! It seems Remnick would rather his comments not conjure images of spending cheese, popping Crys on a speedboat, or cruising the city, doing a buck sixty. He would rather they suggest bicep curls.

But enough about silly corrections. After the jump: More about Remnick’s Barack Obama book, which is called The Bridge.

According to the Times‘ story, the book, which will be published by Alfred A. Knopf on April 6, provides additional biographical research concerning Obama’s ascendancy before his run at the presidency. It will also, the Times said, contain an interview with Obama as well as important figures in the president’s life.