NYT Launches Photojournalism Blog

Photojournalism is the focus of Lens, the newest addition to The New York Times‘ gaggle of blogs. “Lens will be a showcase for the work of Times photographers, but it will also highlight the best images from other newspapers, magazines, news organizations and picture agencies, and from around the Web,” wrote David W. Dunlap in a post introducing the blog. Also look for Lens to highlight photography books, exhibitions, and work from the Times‘ vast pictorial archive while building a community of readers (or viewers, as the case may be) that will occasionally be tapped to submit their own photos. The fun starts with Fred R. Conrad‘s ode to slow photography, which includes his Hiroshi Sugimoto-flavored black-and-white shot of an old-school Jersey City movie theater, and Stephen Crowley on the strange ritual that is a White House photo op. Yesterday, Todd Heisler posted a series of photos that all contained his four-legged nemesis: plastic chairs. “They come in different colors but they are all variations of the same design,” writes Heisler. “Not unlike the humans who rest upon them.”