NYT in 90 Seconds

  • Gay cowboys dominate … Aussie Mardi Gras celebrations.
  • Potential suspect in grad student slaying is questioned. Turns out the guy worked at the Falls, not Pioneer, home to many a mediabistro party.
  • President Bush leaves paltry approval ratings behind, plays cricket.
  • Tina Fey tells Knicks jokes, a veritable cottage industry in humor these days.
  • At least one headline copywriter took our Oscar bait.

    As a bonus, our Sunday NYT in 90 Seconds after the jump.

    Sunday NYT in 90 Seconds

  • The morality of pilfering a neighbor’s wireless connection is up for debate. Oh, that’s a cover story.
  • New competition for that killer Manhattan apartment you’ve had your eye on: Culture-seeking suburban parents whose kids have moved out.
  • ‘Low budget ski weekend’? If it’s Jackson Hole on $250 a day, the NYT travel section thinks so.
  • Profile of the Memphis Grizzlies’ Paul Gasol, the latest athlete to grow a beard and, in turn, be profiled by the Times. [2nd item]
  • Conservatives and liberals launch their own Netflixes.
  • Week in Review page designers concoct one of the most effective infographics of all time.