NYT Expands Its Higher-Ed Offerings: Now With Credit!

The New York Times Knowledge Network—its distance-education arm(!), is now offering some of its classes for credit, InsideHigherEd reports.

The Knowledge Network has existed for two years and this semester is offering nearly 50 courses in everything from journalism to history to weight loss to paralegal studies.

What’s new this semester is that the NYT’s partnering with four universities to offer credits toward certificate programs. Ball State University is offering a co-branded certificate in emerging media journalism; Rosemont College is co-sponsoring a certificate in entrepreneurship. You can also get a certificate in immigration law from CUNY/NYT or the paralegal certificate from Thomas Edison State College.

The university supplies the professors; the Times supplies access to its archives, for research, as well as virtual guest appearances from Times reporters. The uni and the paper share the revenue.

One of the first for-credit classes, Multimedia: Video, costs $200 for noncredit or $235 for the credit for about six weeks of online instruction and a weeklong Q&A with Rob Harris, videojournalist at the Times.

We mention this whole thing for two reasons:
-If you wanted to ask questions of a Times staffer, there are worse ways to go about getting an introduction.
-If you ARE a Times staffer, is this affecting your workload? Are you doing this out of the goodness of your heart?