NYT Editorial Board Pushes Back Against Chinese President’s Comments

The New York Times

The New York Times pushed back against Chinese President Xi Jinping in an editorial published Wednesday evening after Xi Jinping snubbed Times’ reporter Mark Landler during a press conference and all but confirmed the Chinese government had been blocking reporters from getting credentials to report in the country.

During a media briefing Wednesday, Landler asked Xi Jinping about the Chinese government’s backlog of visa applications for foreign journalists. According to the Times, China has failed to issue visas to at least six of its reporters—several denials came after the paper  published a series of critical stories exposing the super rich government leaders and their families.

After first ignoring the question, Xi Jinping responded by blaming the journalists: “The party which has created the problem, should be the one to help solve it,” he said.

The New York Times

That did not sit well with the Times’ edit board.

“The metaphor may have been oblique, but the message was clear: He was warning foreign news organizations that their troubles are self-inflicted; they are being penalized for unfavorable or controversial news coverage and could correct the problem by changing that approach,” The Times wrote.” Demanding that journalists tailor their coverage to suit the state only protects the powerful and those with something to hide. A confident regime that considers itself a world leader should be able to handle truthful examination and criticism.”

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