NYT Confirms Pretty Much What FBLA Reported

38907-Microsoft.jpgOur person on the inside gave us a sneak peak at the new Microsoft campaign. As we’ve been reporting there are more celebrities beyond Jerry Seinfeld that are going to appear in them. Plus real people…

Today the New York Times reports:

Mr. Gates makes a cameo appearance in the new Microsoft spots, along with celebrities like the actress Eva Longoria, the author Deepak Chopra and the singer Pharrell Williams. (Mr. Seinfeld is gone, at least for now.)

But the stars are everyday PC users, from scientists and fashion designers to shark hunters and teachers, all of whom affirm, in fast-paced, upbeat vignettes, their pride in using the computers that run on Microsoft operating systems and software.

Ok, in all fairness, none of the names and scenarios we reported are the same as the ones mentioned in the NYT although the general idea is the same.

But when it comes to this stuff you just can’t blink.

See, we live right next to the studio. We’re are the closest in the United States geographically to where they film them. So we therefore have television commercial experience. We know what’s at stake.