NYT Co. Chief Advertising Officer Discusses Plans to Help Advertisers, Increase Spending

In an effort to stem falling advertising revenues, The New York Times is being proactive. The company recently launched a new trade campaign, To The Power of The Times, designed to show advertisers the value of spending their money with the brand and also came out with an extensive marketing survey detailing how word of mouth among affluent women can help brands expand.

We spoke with Denise Warren, senior VP, chief advertising officer of The New York Times Media Group, earlier about the two campaigns. She described how they will help her company retain advertising revenue and understand its consumers better, as well as what the future holds.

“[The trade campaign] is designed to get you to focus on the impact of advertising in The New York Times,” Warren said. It’s equates simple, well-known mathematical formulas with the Times to show how advertising with the paper can benefit a company or brand. In the future, Warren explained that the NYT Co. will break the campaign down even further to target specific section of advertisers (fashion, retail, etc.)

The marketing survey details affluent women, and specifically a group of “Women Marketing Multipliers.” “They talk more about products,” Warren said. “They consume more products. And to the extent that we can help advertisers more effectively reach them, that helps advertisers create more efficiency in their advertising buys.”

Was the campaign successful? “Way too soon” to tell how it’s worked, Warren thought, adding that the press releases for the marketing campaign had just gone out a couple days ago and that so far, response had been positive.

So what’s on tap for the future? “We are just getting the results back from an international study,” Warren said. “I’m hoping we will be able to call it ‘Global Marketing Multipliers’ but I don’t know until we get the results back. It’s really an attempt to understand the global influential audience.”