NYT: “Century City is in for some serious pain.”

“We expect lawyers to obey the law,” said John C. Coffee Jr., a Columbia Law School expert on white-collar prosecutions, “And when lawyers are receiving wiretap transcripts, which they have no colorable basis for believing were lawful, it’s no different than if lawyers were holding onto 10 bags of cocaine for their clients while they were in jail.”

That’s the parting shot in a story that the New York TimesDavid Halbfinger and Allison Hope Weiner just filed today – scheduled to appear in print in tomorrow’s Times.

There’s not much new in the piece, but we have to take issue with Nikki Finke‘s assessment that it’s not even worth your time reading. I regularly and breathlessly recount to my wife the in’s and out’s of L’affaire de Pelican, but she usually goes narcoleptic three minutes into the explication.

The Times‘ story, for anyone who’s not been breathing and sleeping Anthony J. Pellicano for the last four years, is an excellent primer that will catch you up on why, exactly, a seemingly incoseqeuntial low-life thug like Pellicano threatens to overturn the entire Hollywood industry applecart.

Meanwhile, LAIndie‘s promised revue of all thing Pelican has not arrived today – though it did recently point out that Pellicano T-shirts are now for sale online. Order yours today!