NYT Carpetbagger Carr Schools Mag Execs On the New Video Aesthetic


Sometime after lunch at the Magazines 24/7 conference in Midtown yesterday, New York Times media columnist David Carr — moderating a panel on what magazine Web sites are doing with video — summed up what the Times and just about every other publisher is grappling with in traversing video for an increasingly YouTubed audience:

“Get it. Run it. Hit it. Quit it.”

So what’s nytimes.com doing with video?

“We don’t really know. We’re figuring it out as we go along.”

Other notes from the video panel:

  • ESPN The Magazine‘s Keith Clinkscales, who has been experimenting with behind-the-scenes video of the magazine — including its editors and designers — in production: “You’re going to make mistakes … It isn’t always pretty, but it works.” Readers, he said, have an “appetite for the process.”
  • National Geographic‘s Valerie May, who has the benefit of grants, partners, satellite uplinks and reporters who actually dig shooting video while they report: “We have so much material” that all it takes is a good edit.
  • TVGuide.com’s Paul Greenberg, who sees the magazine’s Web site as something of an entry point/aggregator for quality-seeking readers hit over the head with viral video: “We’re guiding people to what’s out there, and [showing them] how to find it.”

    As for the video Carr shot for his Carpetbagger project, which he says at its peak saw videos viewed 200,000 times: “It proved people will watch anything.”