NYT Asks Globe Mailers For 25 Percent Wage Cut

And you thought a 10-15 percent salary cut was bad: Over the weekend the New York Times Company, which has threatened to close the Boston Globe unless unions agree to concessions, asked for $5 million in payroll savings from the union that represents the Globe’s mailers, the Globe itself reports. Mailers insert advertising into the paper and prepare it for delivery.
In addition to the 25 percent pay cut that the Times Co. is proposing, the union is also being asked to give up company pension contributions, “virtually” all contributions to its healthcare plan, and sick pay, holiday pay, and lifetime job guarantees that just over half of the 250 mailers currently receive.
The Times Co. has asked for a response from the guild by early May.
I know we focus on the people at their keyboards writing the news, but spare a thought for the blue-collar mailers. Two years ago, they ratified a contract that cut overtime, cutting average earnings by about $10,000 a year. And they haven’t gotten a raise in four years.