NYT Ad Consultants: Ending TimesSelect A Good Move

Something interesting. In an interview with Wired News, a representative of the New York Timesnew digital advertising partner praised the death of TimesSelect:

“These folks are industry leaders for a reason–they have great content. But the nature of digital media is unique, given the infrastructure required. All of those things combined present a problemset that can’t be solved with Excel and good intentions. The relationship between newspapers and their market is changing from the doorstep to the browser–and with the recent news of the end of the subscription model, the industry is exploring. If giving away content for free is the best way to use that asset, so be it.”

Only it turns out that the firm in question, Rapt Inc., handles digital advertising for the Wall Street Journal as well. Of course, the Wall Street Journal isn’t very amenable to giving away content for free. A not-so-subtle hint to the Murdochian Journal that they could make more money selling advertising on a website without subscription walls? Possibly.

On a side note, Fox Interactive media is a Rapt client as well.