NYPost: Matthews an “Immoderate Moderator”

Over the weekend, the NY Post’s editorial page took “Hardball” host Chris Matthews to task, writing:

    Now, “Hardball” is an opinion show, and Matthews is certainly entitled to his opinions – however offensively he chooses to express them.

    But why should any Republican candidate expect fairness from Matthews now?

    More to the point, why should potential voters expect Matthews to treat the candidates’ views fairly?

    By engaging in this sort of intemperate rhetoric, Matthews has effectively disqualified himself as an “honest broker” for this coming debate.

    NBC needs to replace him as a debate moderator immediately. The job – by definition – requires an attempt to display objectivity going into an event.

CNBC’s Larry Kudlow, who will host the post-debate show, called Matthews remarks “stupid” and said that he would “rap him very, very hard” if he wasn’t on “his best behavior” during Tuesday’s GOP debate in Michigan.

Fox News continued to stay on the story, bringing it up over the weekend, and even this morning. Carl Bernstein appeared on Fox on Saturday, but defended Matthews.

Wilshire & Washington also writes up the party here.

Also, why isn’t Matthews (and Maria Bartiromo) mentioned in the promos for tomorrow’s debate that appeared on yesterday’s “Meet the Press”? Best we can tell, promos for previous debates always include the moderator(s)…