NYPD Questions Photojournalist About “Ninja Burglar” Case

1211post.jpgHeh. Radar‘s Maureen Seaberg runs an interesting piece on the NYPD’s suspicion that a freelance journalist on Staten Island is really the infamous ““ninja burglar.” Ron Romano, a photographer for the New York Post and Staten Island Advance, was recently questioned by police:

According to the fancy-footed photog, it was his nimbleness that caught the attention of the police. They told him they’re in possession of a videotape of him walking a tightrope in his backyard while using a bow and arrow. (Radar has seen the high-wire routine with our own eyes at his backyard barbecues, and it’s a stunning display!) Police told Romano he’s one of their top three suspects. But no one who knows him believes Romano needs the money bad enough to burgle S.I. homes. In addition to his full-time freelance gig at the Post, he shoots a lot of Sweet 16s and weddings – he’s not hurting.

Ah, Staten Island… may you never stop giving us weird stories. Besides, everyone knows the ninja burglar lives at the old age home.