Nymag.com to Launch TV, Sports Blogs

NYMagcomTheSportsSection.jpgNew York magazine’s Nymag.com feels like kicking back in front of the television and watching some sports, so it is launching two new blogs Sept. 14 about those very same topics: Surf and The Sports Section.

Surf will feature the magazine’s TV critic and editor at large, Emily Nussbaum, who “will bring her intellect and passion for the medium to quick-response posts on everything from the previous night’s show to developments in the industry.”

And Will Leitch, who will lead The Sports Section, knows a thing or two about sports blogs, having been the founding editor of Gawker Media’s Deadspin. Leitch, a contributing editor to New York, and Nymag.com’s Joe DeLessio, who has followed developments in sports and sports media at the site’s Daily Intel blog for the past year, will focus on not only New York-area sports teams, but the sports world in general.

HBO will be the launch partner for Surf, while Capital One Retail Banking will be The Sports Section’s launch partner.

Nymag.com editorial director Ben Williams said:

Will Leitch has been posting frequently to Nymag.com on sports since he joined the magazine in 2008, so it made sense to give him and our other talented sports contributors an online home of their own. Emily Nussbaum has such a compelling voice about television that we decided to highlight her work with a personal blog, as part of larger enhancements to our online television coverage to be unveiled in the coming months.